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The 7and7summits site represents the extraordinary journey of sisters Delia Wookey (born Delia Zanoschi) and Iulia Jaso (born Iulia Zanoschi) who broke multiple mountaineering records, including being the youngest in the world to conquer the 7 summits and 7 volcanic summits and the first Romanian women to complete the Seven Summits and finish both circuits.

Their journey began in 2017 in Africa, when they summited Kilimanjaro. Since then, over the course of the next five years, they climbed the highest peaks and volcanic peaks in every continent. 


7 summits and 7 volcanic summits

7 summits

7 volcanic

03 - Mountaineering

Youngest people in the world to complete the Seven Summits and the Seven Volcanic Summits

The twin sisters only started mountain climbing in 2017, having no previous experience. They have been climbing two to four high altitude mountains each year to achieve their goal of becoming the youngest people in the world to climb the Seven Summits and Volcanic Seven Summits. 


Summiting these peaks and volcanoes, also called the seven-seven challenge is considered one of the toughest mountaineering challenges in the world. Fewer than 10 people in the world have completed the 7 summits and 7 volcanic summits as of 2022.

Among others they became:

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